Finding New Ways to Rest & Retreat

Learning, or re-learning the art of taking time off has been a battle I have fought ever since I started my business. Back in the corporate world I had worked my way up to 4-weeks of paid vacation – in that situation I was motivated to use up my time so I wouldn’t lose it.  Now I just find it harder and harder to take time off and be away from the business.


In my last post I talked about the first part of my March Experiment – taking more time off. Here in Part 2 I wanted to share ways I am incorporating essential oils back into my life.

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. ~ do Terra

The other day I was making a batch of handmade soap and another batch of handmade lotion / face cream and as I was going through my recipe journal I was seeing dates back to 2002 and it hit me, I’ve been using essential oils in some shape or form for over 12 years now. Not as consistently at times, but I have been aware of them, buying them and playing with them ever since then. I hadn’t really thought about how long it has been since I got my first bottle of an essential oil,  probably lavender, I just remember being excited and ready to learn more.

Over the past few years my regular use of essential oils has declined at times. Sadly, I pretty much forgot about them for awhile. It probably didn’t help that I was half living in a storage unit for about a year either! I couldn’t find my books, my recipe journal or some of my EO’s!

This year I made the decision to sign up with doTerra and start re-introducing essential oils back into my daily routines. This I have enjoyed, a lot. I remembered again how much I love the experimenting, formulating and creating products to use with essential oils. This type of creative thinking is fun and energizing.

So what does this have to do with finding new ways to rest and relax?

So glad you asked.

I think of essential oils as a mini-retreats. From researching and reading about them finding new ways to use them to creating lotions, balms or salves to use the essential oils in to actually using them, this to me is a mini-retreat and a great way to step away from the business for awhile.

You can use them in small and big ways but the small ways are perfect for taking a few minutes during the day to take a break and breath deep. Here are some of the ways I have been using them:

  1. Using an essential oil diffuser on my desk to freshen the air and at times, help me stay awake
  2. Using an essential oil blend from doTerra called “Past Tense” to help me relax during the day, relax as I go to bed and even during the day when my neck and shoulders are tight and stiff
  3. Using essential oils in my face cleanser in the morning. Oooh does that smell and feel good!

This really is just a basic start, I plan on adding more routines over the coming months. I find it overwhelming to try and tackle it all the ideas at one time. So here is a list of new ideas that I plan on trying:

  • Creating my own house cleaning products – hmmm, maybe I will actually start to like housework! That would reduce stress… You can find some ideas here on my personal Pinterest board
  • Essential oils in relaxing and detoxing baths – find some ideas here
  • Making herbal balms and salves with essential oils for – thankfully I found my soap and lotion recipe journal again, lots of recipes and ideas there (sorry I can’t link you to that binder!)
  • Experimenting with new essential oil blends for moods to diffuse in  my office

I would say this part of my March experiment went well and I look forward to experimenting even more.

Do you use essential oils? How?

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