The Fearlessness Muscle


This is a quote that struck me and totally caught my attention. Just like so many things in our lives we need to exercise certain  muscles to grow stronger, fearlessness is no different.

Taking that firs step forward, fighting back against the uncertainty and fear is one of the hardest steps to take. If we keep taking that next step, the next step and the next step we get stronger and more confident.

This applies to so many areas of our lives, relationships, business decisions, adventure, trying something new, pushing out of our comfort zone.

If we would keep doing this same exercise over and over and over again, I think we would find that the fear will still there, making its presence known, but we are not so afraid that it paralyzes and stops us. That is an amazing place to be.

So today the challenge for all of us is to take one step forward and try something. Even if it ends up being the wrong thing, try moving forward and see what happens. Actions speak louder then words and stepping forward even just one spot speaks volumes, way more then just saying you are going to move forward.

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