Have you ever heard yourself say,

“I’m too busy to take care of myself because _______________ (insert one of 100 different reasons why).

Yeah, me too.

In our modern world the idea of healthy self-care to help de-stress and reduce anxiety is often viewed as a luxury instead of a necessity.

I would like to change your (and my) view of the role of intentional rest and the benefits of taking a break.

Resting is not easy. Slowing down feels impossible. If we are “caught” taking a short break, we feel guilty and are quick to offer an excuse as to why.

It’s time to make a change because you are worth resting for.

beautiful coral rose in bloom

Selah Reflections is about Pausing, Reflecting, Creating, and Growing.

Together we explore self-care and anxiety management with a variety of tools and resources like:

  • How faith, cultivating gratitude, journaling, intentional resting, and spending time outdoors can helps us develop healthy, life-giving habits.
  • What does rest mean? (hint… it’s not always about sleeping longer or taking a nap)
  • The idea of “Working from rest, not resting from work.”
  • And a whole lot more!

gratitude can change everything

Request your 7-day Gratitude Practice ​Starter ​Kit,
and start your own daily gratitude practice.

Hey there I’m Marta

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, and nature photographer. Years ago, I discovered I’m chronically anxious, and didn’t even realize it!

I’m also HUGE dog lover. Sadly that furry guy in this picture is no longer with me. He died of cancer in May 2020, my buddy for 12 years, I still miss him tons!

Now I have Mr. Oliver, actually he’s my Mom’s dog. He came to live with me after she moved into assisted living.

Learning about my chronic anxiety changed me. I soon realized it had been a thread throughout much of my life. It had developed so slowly that it was a hum in the background. A hum that became normal and expected.

This has lead to a myriad of health issues that prompted me to start examining my habits and life. What I’ve discovered is that there were many unhealthy habits that were making my health issues and anxiety worse.

There are no quick fixes on the road to life-giving habits. It’s daily decisions, and small but doable steps, that move us forward one day at a time.

Instead of pie in the sky “you need to reduce your stress levels” advice that I was given by my doctors, I began to look for practical, and easy to implement, ideas that worked.

Small steps have made a difference, but I’m not done yet.

I hope you join me in this journey!

Mr. Oliver, or “He Who Thinks He’s A Great Dane”
My dog Mochi
Our newest pack member, Little Miss Mochi

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