Prayer & Gratitude Journals

40-Day Journals & Picture Books:

40-Day Journals

The prayer and gratitude journals for women are 40-day journals each with a specific theme and include

Daily Pages For:

  • Reading the Day’s Bible Verse
  • Writing a Gratitude List.
  • Writing a Prayer Request List.
  • Journaling Your Prayers for the Day.

Reviews & Reflection:

  • Weekly review of what you learned, your favorite verse, and make a list of whom you could reach out and encourage with what you are learning, and an inspirational quote.
  • A Final 40-Day review of what you learned about gratitude, prayer and more, along with space to reflect on answered prayers.

Start your 40-day journey today.

Are you ready to begin your journey of learning what God would like to work in you?

40-Day Picture Books

The 40-day Bible verse picture book…

The beauty of nature, God’s creation with the verse of the day that can be used on its own or as a companion to the 40-day journal.

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