Trying something new

In starting Selah Reflections I’m finding there are all sorts of things I want to try to “get my mojo back” and come back from the edge of burnnout. It is fun to think about, research ideas, and then come up with my own list of things I want to try.

For this month I am starting a couple new things that I am excited about:

Adding Essential Oils back into my Daily Routine


I recently signed up with doTERRA* to start incorporating essential oils back into my life. I have been impressed with the results my friends and family have been seeing in their lives and families lives with the use of essential oils. In all sorts of areas, like:

  • Helping ease depression
  • Lose weight
  • First Aid care
  • Stop colds and flu in it’s tracks or help recover waaaaay faster then normal
  • Reduce the need for both prescription and over the counter medications (along with exercising and improving diet of course!)

Actually… I do have a certificate in Aromatherapy from the America College of Healthcare Sciences. (There you just learned something new about me that not many people know! Don’t you feel special now ;)!)  This was a course I took years ago and it was challenging. The course material was vast and the homework at times intensive but worth every minute and it opened my eyes to essential oils and what they can do for you. For some reason I didn’t go further with it other then using what I learned for myself and my family by making awesome herbal and pain relieving balms. I used it a bit in my soap and lotion business (well there you go, learning something new about me again!) but not to the extent I thought I would.

I’ve been thinking it is time to dive back in. I find essential oils fascinating and am looking forward to using these oils in my recovery routine. I’ll be sure to share more as I learn how they help me too.

*Note: This is my doTERRA store and I do receive a commission from any purchases

Taking Deliberate Time Off


This one was scary, really scary and I had to talk myself into it. This was my first week with this experiment and I am very pleased with how it went. For the month of March I am taking every Monday off. This is a time for me to rest, relax and shut down for the morning and then when my productivity level kicks back in later in the afternoon, I go to work on  the relaunch of my WordPress Consulting business and writing blog posts. This is the more analytical part of my day so strategy and business development will be part of this time too.

Monday’s have been notoriously bad days for me for a long time. I’m exhausted, my mental energy is low and my ability to concentrate does not come until a lot later and then of course I have to work late to make up for it which means not enough time to reset for Tuesday and the cycle starts all over again.

But not this week, this week I saw a positive change. By Monday night I felt I had accomplished a lot. Resting in the morning, watched a movie even! And then got a lot of production work done later in the day, more then I thought I would (but of course not as much as I wanted, isn’t that always the case?!). Tuesday morning rolled around and I felt pretty good. I wasn’t so tired, I felt good about what I got done the day before and my ability to concentrate wasn’t so elusive. That was pretty cool.

There comes a time we have to face the scary, make bold decisions and see what happens. This is definitely me stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new and so far so good!

My doTERRA oils show up tomorrow, I’m looking forward to digging in and getting started. Need to go find all my aromatherapy books! Somewhere in my storage unit. Storage Unit… yeah that is a story for another day 🙂

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