Practical self-care and stress management for the chronically anxious and stressed out.

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Practical Stress Management
Tools & Resources

I’m an idea gal with a never-ending “I want to learn how to do that” list.
It’s a list of projects focused on creating tools and resources to help reduce stress, manage anxiety, and encourage rest.
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Art Prints, Calendars & More

Art Prints, Calendars & More

Books, Journals, & Coloring Books

by Marta

Art Prints, Calendars & More

The Selah

Marta Goertzen – entrepreneur, writer, nature photographer, and chronically anxious…  

Over the years of visiting different doctors, the most “helpful” advice I’ve received has been, “You need to learn to manage your stress better.” This oh-so-helpful bit of wisdom is followed-up with other useful things like, “get more sleep,” “maybe you need a new job,” “you need to relax more” or my personal favorite, “you need to reduce your stress levels.”

Since then I’ve studied the topic and have actively looked for real, actionable advice on managing stress and anxiety. Surprisingly, it’s been difficult. Much of what I’ve read has been generic and unrealistic.

So, I’ve had to work on developing my own set of tools to help me manage anxiety and stress. It’s an ever-evolving set of tools that changes, and grows, as I learn more about what works and what doesn’t.

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