Where you do what you do matters

Have you ever heard this quote before? I heard it at Donald Miller’s first Storyline Conference. By the way… if you ever have a chance to go to one, I highly recommend it.

Of all the things I heard at that conference, this one sticks out far and above the rest.

Picture your home office, how do you feel when you go into your office or sit at our desk? Two apartments ago, my office/desk area used to be the dining room between the living room and the kitchen. It was the only place I could fit a desk and it put me right next to the sliding glass door leading out to the back patio. I could have the shades open, the door open and feel the breeze. I put pictures up that inspired me, favorite places – the beach, hiking trails, once I did this my office took on an entirely different feeling. Stick me in a an office with artificial light and no windows and I will get depressed, lower activity and productivity. Please give me light and access to a breeze please!

My last apartment, I loved the environment and I tried to decorate it the way I wanted but the surroundings were just about perfect. It was out of the main city area, last house on a dead-end road with little to no traffic. It was an apartment over the garage. During the summer, I would pretty much live with the front door open from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. Bailey could come in and out as he pleased (and boy did he!!). Green all around, big trees so you could hear the wind blowing and squirrels running to and fro. Yep Bailey liked that part too.

Working from home when we already battle with having boundaries in our work and home life having an office that welcomes you, fits your personality and puts you in an environment where you can be productive, creative and maybe even energized is an amazing asset to your business. But it is a struggle to get there and I find it takes trying different things like:

  • Adjusting your work schedule do you do better during the day or in the evening?
  • Using timer tools for focused productivity time
  • Adding pictures to your space. Family, scenery that inspires you, a vision board something to remind you why you do what you do
  • Adding color to a drab space or toning down the area if it is too visually stimulating
  • I could go on but you get the idea

Sometimes changes require a physical change in location, think outside the box. Are you in a situation that is in the back of the house and has little light? Get out of the house on a regular basis. Go work from the coffee shop, the library or even the park. I’ve even been known to go sit by the river and work on my laptop in the car when it is raining just so I can get out of my head, out of my space and try a new location.

How does your office space affect your work? Where do you work?

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