When Is It The Right Time To Relax?


Do your whole insides cringe when you read this? Mine sure do.

What do you mean when I don’t have the time? I never have the time!

But when you look back at the crazy times, the busy times you probably realize that at that is when you needed a to find ways to relax the most. If you had taken a break and gotten your mind clear, focused and calm, things would probably have gone a lot better right?

During a busy day, take 5 minutes to breathe deep, take the dog outside for a short walk. When your creativity has crashed right before a deadline stop and stretch and drink some water or a cup o’ tea. When you are so stressed at the huge to-do-list staring back at you, diffuse some essential oils into the air and take a moment and close your eyes.

There are short breaks and long breaks. The long breaks are welcomed and needed but the short breaks to stop and relas, even for just a few minutes, are what get you through the day to-do-day.

Here is an idea – write out a list of 5-15 minute breaks ideas. Keep that list handy so that when it feels crazy busy and your mind is whirling and won’t stop, you can take out that list and find something you can do right then and there.

What would be on your list?

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