Small Adventures: Getting Yourself Out of a Rut

I’ve written before about trying new things and the benefits of adventures. I am going to again, and probably again later on too :)!


Each time I try something new, or make time for an adventure, I gain a greater understanding of how important this idea is. During the experiment I discover something new, cool or both! So when I make these kinds discoveries I have to ask myself, “why don’t I do this more often?”!

The following is a short (and windy sounding) audio I recorded on a mini adventure from over the weekend. My apologies for the sound quality, I recorded it on the beach with a wee bit o’ wind! Getting out there and seeing new things and visiting a new stretch of the beach brought all sorts of things to mind so I grabbed my iPhone and recorded a voice memo.

So, this recording too is a small adventure in and of itself. It is an experiment in creating different types of content for blog posts.

Small Adventures - Getting Out of A Rut

(Picture above: This is the sculpture I found in the middle of nowhere. Hard to photograph clearly, the sun was quite bright in the background, but it sure was impressive!)

We all know that routines and checklists have their place. They help us get ready in the morning, they help us get through a complicated task, the help the pilot check the plane before takeoff and they keep you safe on the operating table.

Imagine your life if the only thing you did was routine and the checking off of tasks on a to-do list? What would that feel like? Personally I would become numb, uninspired, bored and probably extremely depressed.

How would things be different if we all started trying something new once a month? Twice a month? Weekly?? What impact do you think that would have on your life? Your mental health?

  • It would strengthen your fearlessness muscle
  • It would help you think outside the box
  • It would increase creativity & troubleshooting skills

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. ~Walt Disney

As humans we are born with the curiosity gene already activated. As infants it is a daily thing, as children enter school it can be sensory overload as they learn something new everyday. But the older we get and the more responsibility gets placed on our shoulders we lose the sense of adventure and discovery we had as a kid. Sometimes it is from fear, sometimes it is because we get so busy we forget to have adventures, and sometimes it is because we think we are too old to have them. I don’t buy it.

When you talk to someone who just came back from an awesome vacation or took a class they really enjoyed, do you see the sparkle in their eyes? The excitement in their voice? Seeing their excitement and joy you realize that adventures big and small can have such a positive impact on not only you but the people you talk to.


Adventures don’t need be large planned out affairs, they can be simple and out your back door. What small adventure will you go on this week?

2 thoughts on “Small Adventures: Getting Yourself Out of a Rut”

  1. This made me nostalgic for the coast:) I miss it already, and am wishing I could go back right away!
    Hmm, I’ll have to keep thinking about the moving-there-idea!!

    Also, great advice! I know for me, personally, I definitely have my own little comfort zone, and am hesitant to step outside of that. It was so great to have some of those little adventures with you:)

  2. The coast misses you too 🙂 Starting small makes it easier and makes it easier to try something bigger next time. I’m glad we could share adventures together and look forward to even more!! Adventures make memories that last and are fun stories to share.

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