What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

For some, this question immediately brings to mind an answer. For others, it causes panic when no answer comes to mind or so many answers come to mind it’s impossible to know what to think or where to start. I happen to fall somewhere in the middle of the last two categories.

What do you want to be when you grow up? | SelahReflections.com

As a kid, I never had an answer to this question, partly because there were so many things to explore I couldn’t choose. I even called and checked with my Mom to see if she could remember anything and she couldn’t either. In Junior High and High School, becoming a pilot was at the top of the list, I even started looking at the Air Force. In college, the idea of owning a catering company or a bookstore was something I pursued. By the end of college, the only answer I had was, “I want to own my own business.” What that business would be, I had no clue.

The Trouble with Being An Idea Person

I’m blessed with (or cursed – depends on the day) with an abundance of curiosity and a plethora of ideas.

The amount of ideas that I would like to research and pursue is overwhelming sometimes. If my family ONLY KNEW how many of these I don’t share… 🙂

It makes it hard to focus at times, and it explains all the unfinished projects, books, and training courses I have sitting around my home. As soon as I have learned something new, tried it, and figured it out, I’m ready to move on.

If I could create a job that would pay me to be a life-long student, I would be ALLLLLLL over that idea.

Dragging My Business Along With Me

For better, and yes for sometimes worse, I’ve dragged my business along with me through this journey of exploration.

My web design company looks entirely different from when I started close to 10 years ago. I’ve grown, changed, learned new things, gained new skills, and my business reflects that growth.

Selah Reflections is no different.

What Does Selah Reflections Want To Be When it Grows Up?

This past year has been a difficult one, and I’ve changed as a result of the challenges I’ve encountered.

I’ve had to think long and hard about this blog, and it’s future. I’ve spent recent months in prayer, journaling, and thinking about what’s next. The question about whether I should continue with it has come up more than once.

Each time, however, the answer was a clear no. It is my passion project in many ways. It’s where I get to express my creative side through writing and photography. It is where I can connect with new people and even my family and friends in a new way.

Through my posts and photography, I’m able to encourage others and share the beauty of God’s incredible creation.

It's never too late to be who you might have been - George Eliot

Finding Stillness So That…

Over the years I’ve realized that my Calling or Core Mission is to reach out to and help those who are stressed out and struggling. It’s a common thread that binds nearly all that I do as a friend, daughter/sister/aunt, caregiver, web designer, author, and photographer.

What I’m finally able to put into words is that Finding Stillness is not the end goal of Selah Reflections, it is a starting point.

Finding stillness for ourselves is a worthy goal to pursue. For many it’s a necessary first step to take since we often get wrapped up in simply surviving that we neglect self-care, and drain ourselves dry.

If that’s our only goal, however, it becomes selfish and blinds us to the needs of those around us.

As I continue to dive into this idea, it impacts how I think about my business, my art, and my ideas of what I want to be when I grow up.

In turn, it has also prompted me to consider different ways that I can help you find stillness so that you can:

  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Learn to say yes to the essential things, but not everything
  • Be available for a friend in need
  • Grow in your faith
  • Be fully present with your family
  • Invest time in your community

To be honest, I’m still not completely clear on what that this all means for Selah Reflections. I’m looking at this as a journey of discovery, and I hope you will continue to join me.

This is also a great time to say thank you to all of you who have stuck around during this year of change, including an inconsistent blog post schedule, and sometimes crazy ideas! Your patience and feedback have meant so much to me.

Moving forward, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Letting Go Is Hard, But Important: The challenges of the past year have changed my capacity of what I can and can’t do. Through that, I am slowly, and continually, learning to let go of the constant go-go-go, pick just a few of the ideas that run through my head, so I can finish projects, books, and classes.

Selah – An Invitation to Pause: Is an important concept to learn. (You can read more about the idea here) It’s important to pause, listen, and pay attention to what God is trying to say and teach you. It’s important to learn about Sabbath and why we need to observe it.

Finding Stillness: Is also incredibly important. We have to have time to rest and recharge so that we can give back to our families, friends, and community.

We are not made to do life alone: I want to create (create is one of my non-negotiable for me!) simple tools and resources that both you and I can use to reach out and help those who are stressed out and struggling. I want to learn and share ways we can make a positive impact on the world around us.

Now it’s your turn.

So get your thinking caps on because I want to hear from you the answer to the question below. You can leave your answer in the comment section below or send me an email.

“I want to find stillness so that I can ________________.”

2 thoughts on “What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?”

  1. I have a very hard time being present with my family. It is something that I want to work on but I feel torn between building my business and being with my husband. Sometimes I tell him, “at least I’m not watching Keeping up with the Kardashians” when he calls me out on ignoring him to blog. I need to ruthlessly prioritize. PS – It was great meeting you at Activate!

    1. Hi Julie! It was great to meet you at Activate too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      I totally hear you on this one and it is hard to know where that boundary line is. There are times I have to pick my battles so some days family wins, some days it is self-care because I need a break, but many days it is work and chasing a dream.

      I’ve found that if I can work on the blog, hit a target and then reward myself with a break or spending time with family that helps both me and the other person. It can even be small goals! Little by little is progress.

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