Selah: An Invitation To Pause

I was recently asked, where does the name Selah Reflections come from? What does the word Selah mean? It was then that I realized that somewhere along the way my explanation of the name fell off my about page… not sure when that happened!

Selah: An Invitation to Pause

A Brief History

I’ve tried several blogs before this one. I’d get excited, create the new site, add a few blog posts and then nothing… no traffic, no further posts and no idea on what to write next. I kept hitting a brick wall.

You see I love the research and planning phase of an idea. Most of the time once I’ve gotten through the exciting part, I lose interest and I’m ready to move on.

I learned something through each blog idea and realized that there were common threads in the ideas I was trying to communicate. Two of which were the ideas of slowing down and the importance of getting outside.

The Origins of a Blog Name

I don’t remember exactly where the name Selah Reflections came from. I do remember that I had been drawn to the word Selah and had been looking at the meaning of the word. The word reflect kept showing up in association.

Once I started to share the blog name idea and the possible topics I would be writing about, the feedback was instantly positive. That was a good sign!

Thankfully the ideas have not dried up and while my focus keeps being refined, I’m still here writing a year and a half later!

What Does Selah Mean?

The word itself is found in the Bible, specifically in the book of Psalms.

It’s an odd, small little word that appears to have a bit of controversy as to what it actually means. There are lots of educated guesses however.

Some say it’s a musical note to indicate a pause in a song, while others say it’s a word not just a musical note. There are several opinions to be found as to what the definition might be. The common threads I found were:

  • To value or hang the full weight of the matter
  • To pause and calmly think
  • To take note, this is important
  • To give room for quiet reflection
  • An invitation to reflect

I’ve adopted the idea that it’s an invitation to pause and reflect.

By adding the word reflection to the name it encourages taking an extra moment as you pause.

Selah - An invitation to be still

An Invitation to Be Still

The older we get the more we experience the feeling of time flying by and the ability to find moments of seem to disappear. Which makes finding these moments of selah reflections even more important and precious.

You see, finding stillness, finding moments of selah reflections is not a passive activity. It has to be a purposeful decision to actively seek it.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that God encourages us to “be still and know that I am God”, or that Jesus would get away from the crowds for fellowship and prayer. I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that Jesus went to the garden to pray or that He got into a boat to escape the crowds.

There is a connection between the outdoors and of finding moments of stillness.

Finding Your Selah Reflections

While getting outdoors for your moments of quiet reflection is ideal, it’s not always possible.

  • It might mean getting up 30 minutes before the kids are awake, to have a cup of tea (or coffee!), to journal and read your Bible.
  • It might mean taking a walk on the beach or a hike in the woods.
  • It might mean the last few moments before falling asleep to reflect on your day and prepare for tomorrow.
  • It might be sitting on the porch with your favorite drink as the sun goes down.
  • It might be snuggles with your child as they fall asleep.

There are many ways to find times to be still, to pause and calmly think. It does not always have to be a life changing moment. Most often, it’s moments found here and there throughout the day when we take a moment to breathe deep.

When we choose to be still, to be open, and to be vulnerable that is when we find our moment of selah reflections.

It’s in these moments that we start to recharge our batteries.

When we take the time to pause and and be quiet, it’s then we are able to hear God’s still small voice reaching out to us.

So, I’m inviting you to actively seek your selah reflections moment today.
I’m inviting you to be still, breathe deep and just be.

4 thoughts on “Selah: An Invitation To Pause”

  1. Marta, I have always loved the name of your site. You have offered many things for me to ponder and learn.
    I’m so glad you haven’t run out of ideas; I’m looking forward to more reflections!

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