Bandon – A Marta & Bailey Adventure

As much as I love the beaches of the South Central Oregon Coast – Bandon always holds a special place in my heart. From the Bandon Jetty to Wizard’s Hat to Face Rock there is a beauty and majesty to these wide open beaches. It is one of my favorite areas to photograph.

These Bandon pictures are from a trip in April of 2013. I was looking for more recent adventures but realized that I haven’t gone on a  “big” one recently, need to fix that. We go walk or run every morning, we go to the beach for long walks and runs (I walk, Bailey runs… ) on the beach just about any Saturday we are in town, but it’s definitely time for a new hiking adventure. The planning is in the works.


Bailey is a HUGE salt water dog, I mean huge! He is okay with fresh water but get him to the beach, take him off leash and he is gone in a flash. The great thing about many of the beaches in our area is that if you go early enough in the day, you usually have the beach to yourself or with only a few other people. This is great for the 2 of us, Bailey gets to run like the wind and I get to enjoy his enjoyment of the freedom. Head up, tail wagging, ears alert, he is a beach dog through and through.

We have learned the hard way however, that if another dog is on the beach off leash we veer away and Bailey is immediately back on the leash. Haven’t been able to figure out why yet, but he tends to be a magnet for dogs who are not under their owners control, they come a chargin‘. So we just try to avoid situations like these.


And then… after he has run quite a bit, is totally and completely soaked and covered in sand he is ready to play and start jumping on me. He just gets so excited he doesn’t know what to do with himself I think and jumping just shows his exhilaration at the open spaces.

And then… if you are too close when he shakes, watch out! If you were dry before, you won’t be anymore. 🙂


The dune areas of the Bandon Coastline have amazing detail and patterns. I am fascinated by photographic opportunities like these. I could spend (and often times do) quite a bit of time moving around, trying different settings, and trying different compositions to get the image I am looking for.

Bailey is not a huge fan of this part. I’m always in “danger” of him wandering into the shot, making footprints in the sand, coming up and nudging me to see what I am doing, or running further down the beach so I have to stop and call him back or go after him. He is a mover and a shaker at the beach.


This particular trip to Bandon was overcast with low layers of fog. The entire beach had an ethereal look to it that was like walking with the rest of the world cut off. It was kind of magical and incredibly restful, it put me in a reflective state of mind.

As you can see from these images they all came out soft, monochrome, giving the rocks formations a silhouette look.

If you are ever down in my neck of the woods, I would highly recommend Bandon as a place to stop and visit no matter the weather. The beaches are truly amazing and beautiful. You can easily walk for miles up and down the coastline and see only a handful of people during the off-season.

Here are some of my tips for visiting Bandon:

The City of Bandon’s Website: Click Here

My favorite place to stay in Bandon is the Table Rock Motel. Affordable, you are just above the beach, and some rooms have ocean views. The economy units are older but they have always been clean when I have stayed there and most importantly they are dog friendly!

Favorite beaches, as voted by me and my nieces and nephews. Kid tested, Auntie approved!

I highly recommend visiting Bandon at any time of year but some of the best weather we have is in February, and then July – October.

Have you been to Bandon? What was your favorite spot to visit?

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