How Are You Investing Your Time?



This is an interesting quote and makes one think a bit.

It reminds me of what Dave Ramsey says about money

A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.

Isn’t the time we are all allotted due the same consideration? If we do not invest it wisely we end up spending it and wonder what happened to the day and what did we accomplish?

But then where is the balance?

How do you invest your time in your business, relationships, self-care, down-time while still allowing for spontaneity and the unexpected?

Maybe it is the same as creating your financial budget, this is a time budget. You plan how you are going to invest your time and then build up reserves so when the unexpected comes you have the energy to handle a crisis. You have wisely invested time in improving your health, building quality relationships, and took time to rest. You have organized your time and tasks so that you can delegate out or reorganize the plan so you can deal with what comes your way.

Time management, not exactly my strength, something I have worked on for years and continue to struggle with. I’m getting better at it but still have vast room for improvement.

Thinking about investing my time rather then just spending it willy nilly, that is an interesting way to look at what is on my plate and on my schedule. Time is a valuable thing and looking at it as investment sure changes things don’t you think?

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