The Benefits of Adventures!

The word adventure is full of promise, sounds exciting, and action oriented, even Merriam Webster defines it as “an exciting or remarkable experience”.

Don’t we all want that? But it also usually sounds complicated, expensive and too much work. Especially when you are crazy tired to the point that sleeping actually sounds like an adventure.


Having Guests = Excuse to Plan an Adventure

It really shouldn’t be that way, but often times it is. Planning outings and going places is so much easier when you have someone from out of town who would love to see the sites and go explore the area you live in.

In the middle of April my excuse came with the arrival of 2 of my nieces. They love the Oregon Coast and wanted to get out on the beach as much as possible. Thankfully we had some spots of good weather and I was happy to oblige.

It turned out to be a lot of  fun, sometimes a bit of a struggle to keep them entertained while still working but that was my problem not theirs. I could have gotten up earlier and gotten my work done and had a much less stressful afternoon and evening. Actually it wasn’t all that stressful – the stress was in my head, making a bigger deal then it really was – that happens when you are a people pleaser I guess…

Having them here became my excuse to go do things I have talked about for so long but just never do, like – head out to Shore Acres State Park and Bastendorf Beach after an evening storm. These are GREAT places to watch for big waves.

Sidenote… you really must watch the video below. We saw nothing like this on our trip, but it will show you what you can see when you are at Shore Acres at the right time after a storm. Simply Stunning!


I have a goal of capturing an image of a big huge crashing wave at Shore Acres – one that I can call my own. So, the question I have to ask my self is why don’t I? That would be a huge adventure and yet I wait for an “excuse” to justify me taking the time in the middle of the day to go and check it out.

If that is my goal, what is really stopping me? That is for another time and another another blog post I think… more on that later.

Thank goodness for digital cameras… you can shoot and shoot and shoot until you get something you like. This one is my “big” wave along the Bastendorf Beach Jetty. bastendorfbigwave

Why YOU Need an Adventure

1) Adventures are (usually) a lot of fun. Doing something different, seeing something new accesses a different part of the brain then you normally use in your regular day-to-day.

2) Adventures get you out of your office and home. This one is important. Get outside of your daily routine and trying something out of the ordinary or new can be incredibly refreshing, can recharge your batteries, and boost your creativity.

3) Adventures can get you unplugged. As we took long walks on the beach, toured Old Town Bandon or Old Town Florence, I realized that I wasn’t tied to my computer and was not missing it! And that is saying something. Yes we had our phones but I wasn’t constantly on it checking social media, Pinterest, or email. It was actually quite wonderful. It is amazing how much your stress level can drop when you are not feeling the need to constantly be checking email, Facebook, blog posts etc.



4) Adventures create memories and stories to savor and share. This part I love, I  must admit. Looking through photo albums of when my oldest niece was about 10 we found a picture of a hiking trip (come to think of it, that was Shore Acres too!) where the 2 of us headed out for a hike. We took pictures along the way and we both remember to this day that adventure and the time we shared together.



What other benefits of adventures can you think of?

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