New Year’s Day, Reflection Day

This is the start of the blog, a project I have dreamed about, thought about and envisioned off and on for awhile now. Never quite sure what this would become, what it would look like or how to proceed. It was the kernel of an idea that just has not let me go. Then this challenge was issued by Jeff Goins at – write 500 words a day for 31 days.  Make writing a habit.

I first read that and thought, yeah right, that sounds good but I’ll never follow through. But throughout the day as I thought more about 2014 and what I want it to be for both me and my business new habits would have to be created and new expectations of what I can and will do.You see I have been working on a strategic plan for 2014 for my business as it is in the midst of a major transition and without a plan I have known the transition would falter and fail.  A part of this plan includes writing and a lot of it after looking at my plan again :). As Jeff mentions in his blog post…

There’s nothing mystical or magical about it — you just have to show up and commit to doing the work. Place butt in chair, fingers on keys, and start typing. ~Jeff Goins

All of this happened on the first day of the year, a day we wrap up the holidays, think about what happened the year before and look forward into the new year. It’s also a day where just about all the emails in my inbox are centered around resolutions and setting goals all of which are great and tempting to get all excited about since it is New Year’s Day after all and their is excitement in the light of turning over a new leaf and starting fresh.

The problem with this kind of excitement is that it doesn’t always last, and many times fizzles out in only a few days. So what happens when reality hits and the demands of every day comes back and in full force after the holiday’s? That is when you keep going, and going, and going, and keep on going. Some days you will make it some days you won’t.

Successful people aren’t successful because they’re like everyone else. They’re successful because they’re weird. Because they do what others are afraid or unwilling to do. ~Jeff Goins

I plan on being weird. I like weird, normal is boring, normal doesn’t help you tell a more interesting story with your life. Normal is overrated if you ask me.

MartaBailey_NewYearsDay_2014So on a day of newness and fresh ideas, it has been mostly a day of reflection and thinking. An opportunity to take this last day of the Christmas and New Year’s holiday and get outside for a run and then later get out for a hike, (the outdoors is my favorite place of reflection and thinking).

So here’s to you and to me of taking 2014 as a year to Pause, Reflect, Create and Grow. To be weird and to do things that others are afraid or unwilling to do.

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