February 2019 – Recommended Resources

Growing up listening to talk radio was something that I really something I dreaded. Listening to the talk show hosts drone on and one just drove me nuts.

It’s been a surprise for me to discover, that as an adult, I really enjoy them and keep my eyes and ears open for new recommendations. There are times I find myself amazed at the change in my tastes and interests between then and now.

Recommended Resources for February 2019

This month’s recommended resource is Emily P. Freeman’s, The Next Right Thing Podcast. This is a podcast I usually save up, and then binge listen.

Her episodes are on the shorter side, and I can easily fit in one or two as Bailey, and I head out for our morning walks.

It’s a podcast that I often find myself sharing with friends and family. They are great bite-sized pieces of encouragement and definitely worth sharing.

  • First, Emily’s voice is so great to listen to.
  • Second, they are nice and short, usually only about 15-20 minutes long at most.
  • Third, they are always thought-provoking, and I usually feel so encouraged by the end.

As a bonus, Emily has written a book based on her podcast that releases on April 2, 2019. I’ve already pre-ordered mine :). You can find out more about her new book here.

To get you started, here is a list of a few episodes I have saved in my iTunes:


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