Resources for Managing Stress and Anxiety

Managing stress, anxiety, and worry can be difficult at the best of times. Add in a crisis and it can become even more difficult.  This is a growing collection of tools, resources, and ideas to help you (and me!) as we navigate through the craziness of today.

This page will be updated as I discover more resources that might help. Check back often!

Tips on Managing Stress and Anxiety:

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  • Limit your intake of news. Or the over intake of anything! TV, email subscriptions, news updates… By limiting the number of voices giving you conflicting information you can be more selective in what you allow in and you can limit your stressful reaction to the noise.
  • Keep a gratitude list. It’s not a cure-all but it can make a big difference over time. Focusing on what you have to be grateful for each day gives you a new perspective and can even help you start looking for the good in each day.
  • Get Outside. Even though we are in quarantine it doesn’t mean you can get some fresh air. Open the windows, sit on your front porch, walk around your house. Go to a trail or park that has few people and spend time in nature. It’s healing and a known stress reliever.
  • Breathing Exercises. Breathe in through your nose for the count of six, hold it for a count of three, and then breathe out through your mouth for a count of six. And repeat 3-5 times. This is an exercise that works on your brain to focus on something else and helps your body to relax.

The following is a curated list of apps, books, resources, and tools that I have used and can recommend to manage life… and anxiety.

Anxiety Toolkit


  • Abide App: Guided Christian Meditation, Prayer and Bible stories. I’ve been using the free version of this app for almost a year, it has made such a difference. The yearly price is affordable too for only $39.99.
  • Pause App: A simple way to connect with God in the middle of your busy day. I’ve just started to try this app out, it’s a great reminder to stop during the day to pray, be still, and just be.
  • Soulspace App: A meditation app that anchors peace to God.
  • Noisli: When I need help blocking out the background noise, the loud ringing in my ears, or need extra help focusing, the Noisli App is my go-to. You can create your own mix of noises from rain, to train tracks clacking, to wind, to a coffee house to fans, and more. This is my main writing and focusing app.
  • Scribd: I’ve been a fan of Audible for years, just not of their pricing. I was introduced to Scribed earlier this year and I love it! For $8.99 you have access to a ton of books, articles, and audiobooks. This works great for me as I don’t always want to buy a book like on Audible. I’ve often wished they had a rent or borrow system. I’ve devoured even more audiobooks in the past few months and love it. I’ve become a huge fan of Sara Rosette books. Cozy mysteries, well written, and clean.  A great combination. If you would like to try Scribd out, here is a link to try it free for 2 months. Click here.

Books/Recommended Reading:

Creativity: Creativity as therapy


My daily morning walks with the dogs are my sanity savers. But with Bailey getting older our walks are not as long as they used to be so I supplement with more exercise at home. These are some of my favorite YouTubers who offer free exercise routines at home.

  • Jessica Smith TV – She’s positive, dresses modestly, and is so encouraging! My favorites right now are the 1-mile Walk and Talks.
  • Fitness Blender – A HUGE variety of workouts for all fitness levels. Encouraging and no annoying commentary or music, which of course is very important.
  • Essentrics – This program is one I can do with chronic pain, it’s changing how I feel, for the better and does not leave me limping or feeling sick when I’m done.


Letter Writing:

When we need to look beyond our present circumstances and make a difference in the life of someone else. Letter writing has benefits for you the writer and to the receiver.


  • Some Good News with John Krasinski – these are videos I stop to watch. They make me laugh, tear up, and come away feeling better about life in general. They come out once a week right now and are just wonderful.
  • Nik the Booksmith – incredible crafter, funny, and really creative in her bookbinding tutorials. My Mom and I find her videos fascinating and entertaining.
  • Girl In Calico – oh I could just sit and watch her lovely videos one after the other, lovely, great music, and inspiring.
  • The Cottage Fairy – yet another YouTube channel that I could sit and watch one after the other. Beautiful music and glorious lake, mountain, and cozy cabin views.
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