For the Love of Aimee

Aimee Goertzen Olson

About Aimee

Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Aunt, Friend.

With just a few words we begin to understand a little bit of who Aimee was, but this barely even scratches the surface.

Here is a little bit more…

Born and raised in Oregon City and was educated both at home and at public school. She attended Blue Mountain Community College where she completed two associate degrees, one in Accounting and the other in Business Management. Upon completion of her degrees Aimee took a job doing bookkeeping and billing at Pendleton Electric.

Aimee met who was to be the love of her life at age 7. Ryan Olson “the neighbor boy” and Aimee began dating in 1997 and were married on June 12, 2004. Aimee and Ryan lived in Pendleton, Oregon for the first several years of their marriage and enjoyed camping, four wheeling, the Pendleton roundup, and taking the occasional trips to the beach.

The family grew in 2006 with the birth of Ian and within a year and a half the Olson family moved to Coos Bay, Oregon. Ryan took a job with the Oregon Department of Forestry and Aimee began a new life, raising Ian, and working from home doing bookkeeping.

Aimee was an excellent cook who loved to entertain and have friends over, she was very creative and it showed in how she decorated their home, scrapbooked photos and made her jewelry.

Aimee Goertzen Olson Memorial Video

Stories Shared About Aimee

A young Aimee Fishing

Aimee & the Whale

When Aimee was 4 or 5 or so, we had a 16′ boat with lots of freeboard for safety.  While crabbing at Newport, Winona pointed …
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A young aimee holding snakes

Did you know?

Did you know? Aimee was very involved in Awana’s. She was always one of the best in everything. She memorized enough bible verses to always …
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Aimee Olson and Tiffany Olson

Well done

This isn’t a story its the last few paragraphs of the Obituary that I wrote for Aimee. In all of our duress this version never …
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A young Aimee running in the yard

Saying Goodbye

One year ago, July 8, 2011, at 10:00 PM, Aimee completed her long transition to citizenship in heaven.  I have a treasured memory that needs …
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Aimee Olson & Marta Goertzen

I remember…

When asked to come up with a story, you feel the pressure and sometimes nothing comes to mind. You get glimpses of stories and events …
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