A Cleansing Rain

A Cleansing Rain by Daelynn E. D. Huber

is it really so complicated?
can we not struggle through
the drizzling rain?
Can we not lessen,
all the weights that we
cower under?
the raindrops do not stain
anymore than sorrow does.
Like a hovering cloud of deep grey,
our hearts are streaming with
tearful rain
and it will only help
to wash us clean;

for heaviness sticks to our bones
like mud
until it is washed away,
and for us
this must be a constant cleansing.

have we never danced in the streets
or woven ourselves into the wind?
Have we ever been born new
in the morning
when we wake?

we cling
to what we feel we need-
the memory
of that quiet forgiveness,
the memory of the wind and the sea-
and we cling to the cleansing
that gives it to us.

Let the wind of our Father’s love
sweep the chaff
from our weary minds
and let us
begin again.

by. Daelynn E. D. Huber

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