The 2015 Instagram Challenge

This year I have the great opportunity to co-host a year-long Instagram Challenge, “Capturing Life, Laughter & Love” with 19 other bloggers. I had looked for something like this to help spark some creativity and to help get the creative juices flowing and 8 days in, I can already see a difference.

Instagram Challenge 2015

You may remember from an earlier post that I did a week-long challenge from the “Be Your Finest Art Book” and I wondered if I would do it again… and now I’m tackling a year-long event! I know! How strange.

Couple of things on this, because I wondered too.

1) Community: There is a huge difference between tackling a project like this on your own then doing it with another person or persons. This group is making a concerted effort to cultivate and develop a community around this challenge. It is more fun and inspiring in a group.

2) Creative Prompts: This challenge also comes with a monthly list of prompts for each day. I thought I might feel trapped by that, instead, so far it has actually helped! I have yet to feel like I “phoned one in”, I have seen my day and the details around me differently as I look for an interpretation of that day’s prompt.

The community involvement, seeing others’ interpretation of that day’s prompt has been utterly fascinating. Plus you get to see incredible beauty, scenery, smiles, food, and more. I’m finding it inspiring.

The responses we have been getting from the participants and from all the hosts have been overwhelmingly positive. It is only a week into the challenge itself, and that may change. That is okay and that is to be expected. But as you go along with the challenge you will find a tight-knit group who are in it for the long haul, ready to inspire, encourage and share.

The Benefits of Joining

The Monthly Prompts
The monthly prompts are there to help you be in the moment, make discoveries, and notice what you wouldn’t normally notice.

These prompts are sent out in a beautifully designed PDF file that you can download and print out. I put mine on my office bulletin board so I remember what to look for each day.

20 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Photos20 Instagram Tips eBook
As a participant in the challenge you will also be receiving an ebook with 20 different tips on how to improve your Instagram skills. These are being created now as we speak and will be sent out by the beginning of February.

Get to Know the Hosts
A couple of times each month you will be sent information on each of the hosts leading this challenge. This is something I am also looking forward too! This group is a talented one. The creativity I have seen, the beautiful writing on their blogs and the obvious love of family has been wonderful to see and experience with them.

I’ve only met the hosts virtually through this challenge and looking forward to getting to know them more as the year progresses.

Join Us

I would love to have you join us in this year-long experience. Here is how you can do that:

1) Click here for more information on the challenge and a sign-up form to start receiving the monthly prompts.

2) Click here to follow me on Instagram and check out what I have done through this challenge.

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